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What does „sandwich“ mean?

Material which is called „sandwich“ is a connection of two different materials.
It is always a polyethylene lamination with other material which is designed
due to some specific purpose.
For example paper, foamed polyethylene or membrane could be used as the other material.

Material properties

The reason of polyethylene connecting with other materials is reaching of the
different properties on each side.
It is related to the use of material. This material is the most used as a packaging
or for protective interlay or as a cover for transport.
Therefore it is important the fabric to be on one side sensitive to the transported
goods and on other side waterproof.
We can also reach extreme strength of material.

We have developed these sandwiches according to our customers requirements:
Foamed polyethlynene with white woven foil
Paper with double side Pegatex (nonwoven textile)
Double side Pegatex with PE lamination
Tyvek (membrane) with coated polyethylene woven foil

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