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Polytunnel Foil


Reinforced polyethylene foils are fabrics made of PE-HD tapes and coated with PE-LD foils. Unlike simple, normal foils, reinforced foils are characterized by substantially higher mechanical strengths which are provided by the reinforcing grid. Individual types differ from each other by the thread count, weave, colour, content of additives, appearance, weight and width.


All reinforced PE foils have excellent chemical resistance at normal and elevated temperature; they, however, must not come into contact with chemicals aggressive to polyethylene (e.g. diesel fuel, petrol, toluene, lubricating oils, paints and varnishes, nitric and sulphuric acids, halogens, chlorinated hydrocarbons). From experience it is known that the function of UV stabilizers is disrupted in contact with acidic fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, etc. If standard conditions are observed, that is, no contact with chemicals, the life of an agricultural reinforced PE foil is about 3 years.

These products have virtually zero water absorption. Due to their composition they can be commonly used in the temperature range from -50 °C to +70 °C. The distance from a heat source, however, must always be at least 1 m.


These materials are normally purchased from us by two types of customers - salesmen who re-sell the polytunnel foil, for example, in retail shops with gardening equipment, ironmongers, etc. The second most common type of our customers are producers who use these materials to produce their own garden polytunnels or cover sheets.

Foils are supplied as footage. However, we are also able to further process them into ready-made products and to finish them by sewing or hot-air welding directly on the premises of our company and to use them to make tailor-made covers or complete polytunnels.


Commonly, we produce four kinds of material suitable for the production of polytunnels.

TYPE 748

One of the most popular and longest-produced types of these foils. It is a typical material for the production of polytunnels with longer life. We supply this material to our customers either in the version without or with the so-called ANTIFOG. ANTIFOG is an additive against condensation, it prevents the formation of drops on the walls of the polytunnel. It turns them into a thin film which then runs down the walls. This significantly improves the passage of light and reduces the incidence of plant diseases, especially in seedlings, caused by such dripping.
In addition, foil 748 can be also used, for example, as a packaging material, for covering of silo pits, etc.
We produce it in widths of 108, 115, 150 and 200 cm with one-sided or two-sided coating and with the resulting weight per unit area of 100 g/m2 or 135 g/m2.
The canvas weave used for this foil guarantees long life of the entire material while maintaining a standard transparency.

TYPE 699

This foil is reinforced with a woven leno weave. The foil ensures a low attenuation of sunlight and high durability.
In the width of 150 cm you can choose from weights of 230, 250, 290, or 310 g/m2. In the production of width of 200 cm, the foil has the weight of 230 g/m2.
Due to its thinner leno weave it is more transparent than foil 748. Lower strength of the material, however, results in its shorter life.

TYPE 700

This material is used for the production of polytunnels with a shorter life. It is produced in the width of 100 or 150 cm and weight per unit area of 110 g/m2.
This foil represents the cheapest variant of our materials designed for the production of polytunnels. However, due to its low price, its life is also limited.

TYPE 747

We offer foil 747 in variants with widths of 108 or 150 cm weighing 175 g/m2.
This fabric variant has a denser weave and higher weight than fabric 748 which makes it the strongest and thickest polytunnel foil in our range. Increase in strength is, however, bound with reduced transparency which, however, is not, according to our experience, very significant for plant growth.

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