Military Fabrics


We have been producing and developing special fabrics for use by the armed forces and other security services already for decades, these fabrics are generally made of cotton, mixed or lycra yarns in widths from 142 to 155 cm.


At the same time, within the framework of our finishing and dyeing plant, we commonly treat these fabrics with sanforization, dyeing or subject them to hydrophobic or oleophobic treatment. In addition, the fabrics can be also fitted with camouflage printing according to the orders of individual armies or according to the special requests of customers. This camouflage printing makes them suitable both for a forest and a desert. It also disrupts the function of night vision equipment.


Companies specializing in processing of materials into ready-made products then use these fabrics to sew a diverse range of military equipment, from uniforms and backpacks through tents and tarps to a variety of other accessories.


If you are interested in our offer, right now you have an opportunity to contact our experts who will be happy to provide you with professional consulting relating to our unique military fabrics and associated services.

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