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Microfibre Products

Microfibre, as is evident already from the name, is composed of very small fibres (finer than 1 tex) which are even thinner than natural silk. For example, cotton fibre is up to 3 times rougher than microfibre, wool is even 4 times rougher. Microfibre is made from polyester, it is therefore a chemically produced fibre, but by means of a technology which refutes all prejudices about the so-called "artificial fabrics".
The most significant advantage of microfibre is that thanks to its very fine structure it can maintain warmth and comfort, you will be certainly surprised by its extreme warmth. The quality of this material is also reflected in its softness and great fineness.
Due to the fact that it is a very densely knitted material, the passage of pollen and mites is limited. Those of you who avoid feather bedding really do not have to be afraid. The material is very stable and even after multiple washing the colours are bright and vibrant. Fine hair does not form tufts and after a long time it still retains the same look and character.
All original products of the brand SLEEP WELLŽ or OVEČKAŽ which we supply on the market have official health safety certificates. Rigorous tests in which values satisfying the criteria of products suitable for babies were measured even in products for adults were carried out on the territory of the Czech Republic, in particular in the Textile Testing Institute in Brno.
Microfibre products can be normally washed in an automatic washing machine at the maximum temperature of 40 C°. In order to maintain the amazing properties of these products we recommend you use our specially designed fabric softener SLEEP WELLŽ for washing. The products can be dried in a tumble dryer.

Because we listen to the wishes and requirements of our users, we also responded to the problem with the static properties of microfibre – the so-called "biting". We decided to solve this problem, and we have developed a special antistatic agent intended for the treatment of microfibre fabric. This is a fabric softener SLEEP WELL which cares for fabric fibres and preserves the properties of functional materials, such as breathability, moisture control and drying rate, while at the same disrupting the static discharge.
The product contains a colour stabilizer which keeps colour fresh and radiant, and a specially modified perfume provides the fragrance of freshly laundered linen for a long period of time.
Composition: 5-15% cationic surfactants, adjuvants, fragrance

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