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Due to their simplicity, fast installation, easy storage and therefore also easy transport, gazebo or scissor tents are very often used as exhibition or fair stands, promotional stands, sales stands, as a base for racing teams in sports and many other social events or as a part of presentation systems. They can be used, however, also in election campaigns, catering or for concerts. 

The scissor structure, as the name “scissor tent” suggests, is the main attribute of this product. And it is precisely thanks to the folding scissor technology that even a layman can disassemble or assemble the tent in just 60 seconds.
The structures of both our models – SVITAP Outdoor and SVITAP Easy are made of anodized aluminium and the dimensions of every octagonal leg of the tent SVITAP Outdoor are 21x21x21x21mm (diameter of 52 mm), for a hexagonal leg of the tent SVITAO Easy they are 23x23x23mm (diameter of 41mm). The profiles of the struts have dimensions of 53x18 mm in SVITAP Outdoor and 26x13 mm in SVITAP Easy. This second variant is also equipped with a system of internal reinforcement.
All of our structures are fitted with bolt connections and an improved push-pin system which is controlled by means of a clearly visible red button and this makes the folding of the tent even easier.

Another advantage of our advertising stands is their high-quality skin made of a polyester fabric with polyurethane coating (glossy finish) weighing 220 g/m2. It is resistant to water, moulds and fire, and after the first installation it is not necessary to take it down again. You can choose from 18 colours with the option of their combination.
Alternatively, you can use a PVC material in white colour weighing 350 g/m2. Its advantage is the possibility of applying solvent printing.

Whether you use a gazebo tent "only" for advertising purposes or directly for sales, your goal is always to attract attention and to let people know who you are and what you do. To make the customer find out what you have to offer is the first step in making him buy your product or service. Promotion gazebo stands thus become an even better solution for these purposes because of the possibility of allover printing of their skin. By printing your logo or production programme on the tent skin, you will get a very inexpensive, long-term and unobtrusive source of advertising thanks to which anyone who sees your presentation will immediately know what you can offer.
The base for printing is a sublimation fabric with grey or transparent grounding and weighing 240 g/m2. The printing is made directly into the structure of the fabric which guarantees that long use will not rub away the print (in advertising stands this often does not look nice). The printing is carried out over the entire area on the face side, it is 100% photorealistic, accurate, UV stable and it can be also used for printing colour transitions or particularly fine graphics.

If you wish to find out how cheap our advertising stalls truly are, you just need to send us your non-binding enquiry, either by means of our intuitive enquiry form or standard contact details. Our staff will immediately send you our complete price list or they will prepare a tailor-made offer fitting your needs and requirements.
SVITAP Outdoor - dimensions 3x3m:
Weight 27kg
Diameter of leg 52 mm
Dimensions of leg 21x21x21x21mm
Diameter of strut 35x18mm (without internal reinforcement)
Material: Anodized aluminium
Folded dimensions (w x l x h) 320x320x1650mm

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